Call for Papers

Important Dates

Updated Submission Deadline: 12 Nov 2018 (Closed)
Final Decisions:  20 Nov 2018

Topics related to the theme of this workshop have made headline news over the last year!  As biometric applications are fielded to serve large population groups, issues of performance differences between individual sub-groups (e.g., due to age, gender, race) will become increasingly important.  This workshop seeks to understand the current state of knowledge regarding performance differences between sub-populations for major biometric modalities, including, face, iris, fingerprint and voice. Further, the workshop will examine how such “gaps” might be addressed.

The workshop will be organized as a single track to take place on January 11th, 2019. The workshop has been designed to engage the audience through (a) keynote talks by renowned scientists and topical thought leaders, (b) oral and poster presentations by active researchers of accepted papers, and (c) a panel discussion facilitated by distinguished experts who will tie together the day’s work.

Topics: This workshop tackles issues related to biometric algorithms whose accuracy varies across demographic subgroups.  For instance, it is has been reported that automatic face recognition is less accurate for women, for younger people, and for some ethnic groups.  This workshop will address these issues by raising questions such as:

  • Why do such effects occur?
  • What are the consequences of such effects?
  • What can be done about them?

Papers: The workshop will follow the paper preparation instructions as the main conference. Details can be found here including the author kits. Papers for the workshop will undergo a single round of reviews. The CMT system will be used to submit and review original work.